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How to choose the photos?

A:Try to choose some close-up, selfies or artistics photos with even light, simple background. Photos with normal and clear lighting are required.

Note: The uploaded photos must not be too backlit, lack of light, too small characters, or blurry.

Suggestion: Large faces proportion of the picture will be relatively better effect.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What should I do if the pen has been split for a while?
A: Most of the reason for splitting is because the pen tip is covered with thick paint, just wipe it with water or paper towels

2.What should I do if the paint is too thick to apply?
A:Propylene pigment is highly volatile, and fastly water lost, and some pigments may be viscous. It can be diluted with 1-2 drops of water.

3.What should I do if I draw the wrong color?

If draw the wrong color, you can modify it according to the comparison chart we provide. The wrong color can be covered by the correct color, since the acrylic paint has good coverage.

4.How to deal with the transition parts?
A:Usually, there are 2-3 colors where the transition is needed. It will be the same way to deal with it - mix the color transition, firstly paint the first color, and then the second color. Wipe the junction of the second color part back and forth by the uncleaned brush which with the second color paint, until the junction becomes blurred!

5.What should I do if the lines and numbers cannot be covered by the colors in some places?
A: Some light colors are hard to cover the darker color, but not impossible, you only need to paint it thicker, or re-paint it after it was dry.

6.What should I do if it appears different effects by different wetness?

A:For example, when I try to finish the paint which I didn’t finish yesterday, I found they are different color even by same paint. Some customer think they use wrong color, please don’t worry, it will be the same after it is dry.

7.Do I need completely copy the original works?

A:Most of the customer persuing the perfection, they will be meticulous to the colors, when they painting, they will strictly follow the lines. Actually, painting is only high requirements of the facial expression for the characters or animals, other things such as flowers, grass, clouds, something like that which can be casually painted, it can be smaller, bigger, even or uneven, not a big deal, you can follow your feeling.


Maintenance of Oil Painting

Material:The canvas of the oil painting is for hand-painted, and the paint is environmentally friendly acrylic paint. This pigment is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and can be stored for a long time.

Storage:It will be water-proof and fadeless after it is completely dry, if any dirt is stuck, just wipe it gently with a damp cloth. It can be permanently maintained if without man-made violence.